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Motiva® Designed Surgeries

As a global medical device manufacturer focused on women’s health, we believe modern women like you deserve modern choices when considering a breast augmentation or reconstruction.

Stemming from our philosophy of breast optimization, we believe the best possible results are achieved not only by choosing the right implant type for you, but by marrying it with the safest and most effective surgical tools and techniques.

We’ve collaborated with the world’s foremost experts in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery to bring you designed surgeries that are tailored to achieve the kind of precise, healthy, and beautiful results you wish for.

Motiva MinimalScar®

Motiva MinimalScar® minimizes breast augmentation scars using proprietary tools and techniques to make the smallest possible incisions.


MotivaHybrid® combines Motiva Implants® with purified grafts made from your own fat harvested from body parts that you wish to slim.