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“It gave me confidence to make that change [to Motiva®] because with the other implants, whenever I exercised, they hurt. I couldn’t lay on my stomach; I felt a certain rigidness in my chest. Now I have my Motiva®, I’ve had them for a year, and it’s [as] if they were a part of my body. I can do any kind of physical activity and they don’t bother me; I can lay down on my stomach and they don’t hurt me, I don’t feel any inconveniences and honestly, I’m so happy with my results.”


“My experience with Motiva is sometimes hard to describe. I’ve had the best team around me during the surgery and since day one, my motivas [have] felt natural and a part of my daily life! It feels like I’ve had them forever and they remind me every day that I [made] the right decision by choosing Motiva”

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“My surgeon recommended Motiva because I wanted volume and a natural-looking result. I felt the difference between Motiva and other implants and was convinced that I should get Motiva. I had no breasts left after breastfeeding my children, and I was sad about how my breasts looked, and I didn't feel feminine.

I waited for about 2 month[s] until the surgery. I had a great healing time after the operation. About 14 days in, I started going to work again. After 1 month, I slowly started [to] work out again. About half a year later, I found Motiva’s Instagram account, and loved the feed and inspiration from other women’s Motiva journey.

I was following Motiva for [a] while and wanted to share my journey too. I hope I can help others make the decision. I'm more confident and happy with my body and I feel feminine.”


“I started my Motiva journey on the 16th of October 2018 after I had a revision surgery for a rotating implant. This left me absolutely shattered and heartbroken. My surgeon decided that moving forward, Motiva was the best choice due to the progressive gel within the implants that looks and moves to mimic that of a natural breast, and let me assure you, he was definitely not wrong in his choice. This surgery has literally been life changing for me. I found a new form of confidence in myself that I never had! I felt more secure in my body and less ashamed, but most importantly, I finally felt like a woman! Motiva has given me something that I believe no other implant on the market possibly could. I love seeing people’s reaction when I tell them I’ve had a breast augmentation; “you can’t even tell, they look so natural!” Well, that’s the Motiva difference! Thank you Motiva, I’m beyond proud to be a Motiva Girl ???”

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“Having a breast augmentation was a dream I had for several years, a dream that came with economic effort and some fears, which meant making it with responsibility.

The secret to a great result is to find the best implant, the best surgeon, and to follow all the instructions for pre- and post-op. In my case, I had a wonderful recovery, without any pain, and was back to my daily routine very quickly.

As of today, I’ve had my Motiva Implants® for a year and four months, and it was one of my best decisions. Now I am more confident in myself, I feel better and am happy with my results. If this is your dream too, go ahead!”


“It was December 23, right before Christmas, that I got the call from the pathologist. He checked the biopsy over and over — and then told me the bad news: I had cancer. I just burst into tears.

I told the surgeons ‘I don't want any part of me that can put me through all this again, so let's do this. My surgeon did both the mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. It was a very long surgery but when I came out of it, I looked down and saw I looked like I had before – it was like a weight was lifted and I felt this huge relief.

Motiva gave me my life back. They brought me back to myself. I want other women to know, even though this horrible thing is happening to you, you can opt for reconstruction and come back from this as the same person you were.”

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“I had breast implants for many years and decided to change them for Motiva Implants. Immediately after my surgery I could feel the difference, I had more sensitivity, and they felt softer and more natural. I should have done it sooner!”


"After many, many months of researching, I finally found Dr. M, a very special woman and surgeon. I knew right away that she'd be my surgeon! She recommended me to get Motiva Implants, the softest and most gorgeous implant I had ever seen in my life! She chose Motiva Ergonomix 450cc full projection, and they are perfect to say the least. My breasts are so soft and squishy, they feel like real boobs! I'm really happy with my decision, my surgeon is a genius and Motiva implants are the best on the market. I'm grateful to my doctor and to Motiva because now I'm so much more confident and happy! My experience was awesome: minimal pain, invisible scars, super soft and perky breasts...I couldn't ask for more! Now I feel like a movie star. I know I was beautiful before, but now, nothing can stop me. Thank you, Motiva, for giving me the confidence to be the fiercest version of myself ❤"


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