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Motiva® 6th Generation Implants

As a women’s health company, we are focused on improving patient safety and aesthetic outcomes in breast reconstruction and augmentation.




We believe women should never have to compromise safety or comfort simply because they wish to enhance their natural beauty or recreate something lost.

Motiva Implants® are produced at two FDA-compliant, state-of-the-art facilities in Costa Rica, are CE marked to comply with European standards, and are currently approved for commercial distribution in more than 80 countries through direct salesforce or exclusive distributors.

Every detail of our implants has been purposefully designed to maximize biocompatibility and harmony with patients’ bodies, and offer meaningful safety and aesthetic benefits patients will truly appreciate.

A panel of plastic surgeon experts heralded Motiva® as the 6th generation of breast implant, evolving their practices from traditional smooth/textured implants to this advanced smooth alternative for its innovative technology (92%), implant softness (77%), and safety (62%). [1]


Breast Optimization

Learn how Motiva® delivers safety through innovation, optimizing the patient experience for healthy, beautiful, predictable outcomes.

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Motiva® Designed Surgeries

Our designed surgeries offer you innovative surgical techniques and tools to deliver patients benefits they’ll truly appreciate, such as minimal scars, increased naturality and more.

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Sforza M, Hammond DC, Botti G et al. Expert Consensus on the Use of a New Bioengineered, Cell-Friendly, Smooth Surface Breast Implant. Aesth Surg. J. 2019 May, 39(S3):S95-S102. doi: 10.1093/asj/sjz054.